Executive Board Structure

Providing effective governance of Pierview Academy, Parkview Academy, ALP Leicester and ALP Nuneaton 

We refer to our school’s Governing Body as the Executive Board. Our board meet as a full group three times a year and then select members of the group meet multiple times in sub-committees, as outlined below.  

Contact details for the chair of the Executive board can be found on the contacts page of the website. 

Board Members and Responsibilities 
Gemma Gosden Chair 
Responsible for Safeguarding and HR
David Cowell Deputy Chair
Responsible for Health and Safety and  Data Protection 
Naagii Lamjav 
Responsible for Finance 
Julie Rawle 
Responsible for Careers, Local Management and Curriculum
Richard Johnson 
Responsible for Local Management and Curriculum
Debbie Pardey 
Responsible  for Quality Assurance  
Janis Warren 
Responsible for SEND and Independent School Standards
Jenny Coates 
Responsible for Quality Assurance, advice and guidance 
Graham Gosden 
Responsible for Support Services 
Simon Piller 
Responsible for Support Services 
Anne Cable 
Responsible for Quality Assurance 
Vacant Position – currently being advertised 
Sub Committees 
Local Management Group – Kent 
Main Focus – Curriculum 3 x After School Meetings (2hrs) Richard Johnson – Chair Gemma Gosden or David Cowell Debbie Pardey Naagii Lamjav Paul Chandler Assistant Heads 
Local Management Group – Midlands
Main Focus – Curriculum 3 x After School Meetings (2hrs) Julie Rawle – Chair Gemma Gosden or David Cowell Naagii Lamjav Janis Warren Assistant Heads 
Health and Safety Committee 
2 x meetings per year David Cowell – Chair Graham Gosden Simon Pillar Naagii Lamjav Ian Pardey Gemma Gosden Representative from each school SMT 
Finance Committee 
Naagii Lamjav – Chair Phil Hoppenbrouwers – ChairDavid Cowell Gemma Gosden 
Head Teachers Standardisation 
David Cowell – Chair Julie Rawle Richard Johnson Debbie Pardey Gemma Gosden