Covid-19 Update – For the Start of Academic Year 2021/22

Although Covid restrictions have eased, ALP Schools are keen to ensure that we do our bit to ensure we protect our staff and students and do all we can to prevent another rise of the virus. The best way to do this is to ensure we stop the spread by taking sensible measures. 

In all of our schools, at the start of the first term, all secondary and post 16 pupils will be united and encourages to take two COVID tests at school – three to five days apart – to see if they are carrying the virus. Then, following these two tests, testing at home will be encouraged and continued by those students who are able and willing to do so. Those who would prefer to test in school with the support of our trained staff are welcome to do so. Testing centers that were established within the schools last academic year will remain and all students are welcome to use them for LFT’s 

As from the start of the new term, all pupils (primary and secondary) who test positive will be required to isolate at home for 10 days or as long as it may take for symptoms to clear. As before, the pupil – or their parents – will also be asked to provide details about close contacts at school and elsewhere. Pupils named as close contacts will be asked to take a PCR test but will not have to self-isolate unless the test returns positive.

From Monday 16 August unvaccinated young people up to the age of 18 years and 6 months and fully vaccinated adults, are no longer required to self-isolate if they live in the same household as someone with COVID-19, or are a close contact of someone with COVID-19.

Those identified as a close contact will be informed by NHS Test and Trace that they have been in close contact with a positive case and advised to take a PCR test. We strongly encourage all individuals to take a PCR test if advised to do so. There is no requirement to self-isolate while awaiting PCR test results and so individuals can attend our schools as usual.

Children and young people who attend ALP Schools and who have been identified as a close contact, should continue to attend their setting as normal.

18-year-olds will be treated in the same way as children and young people until 6 months after their 18th birthday, to allow them the opportunity to get fully vaccinated. At which point, they will be subject to the same rules as adults and so if they choose not to get vaccinated, they will need to self-isolate if identified as a close contact.

Information on the measures ALP Schools are taking to ensure we are doing all we can to protect against the virus are published in our Covid-19 risk assessment on the website.