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Communication Commitment

ALP Schools – Our joined-up approach to the Communication Commitment

We recognise that communication drives learning and attainment and strong language and communication skills are linked to better outcomes for the young people within our schools. Therefore, all three schools in the ALP Schools chain are actively participating in the Communication Commitment.

Of all the skills learners develop within our schools, the ability to communicate effectively is the one that has the most profound and potential impact on the lives of the young people we work with. Communication is at the core of everything they do; in their homes, at work, at school and socially. Strong language skills and good communication are key to whole-school improvement, progression and attainment and beyond school into employment, education and training.

All three schools are currently working towards action plans, that gives us the small steps we need to move forward in making communication a real part of our school’s policy and practice, in a way that works best for our school and our pupils.

Each school now has a dedicated Communication Champion, who takes on the responsibility of making sure that our action plans are implemented and the communication commitment is a shared approach between our staff and our students.

Our Communication Commitment Champions:

Pierview Academy – Tracey Mills

Parkview Academy – Emma Chatzispyridou

ALP Leicester – Joanne Weatherstone

Each of our schools are making good progress in our communication journey. More detail of this can be found on the links to each individual school.

Details about the Communication Commitment can be found at